Our dispatch service specializes in helping small trucking companies with one to three trucks to find the best freight load rates available on the market. Our professional truck dispatchers negotiate at the highest rates while checking credit scores  and call you with freight optortunities. Our truck dispatch agents will assist you and make the final decision that is the best for you , your truck driver and your transportation company.
Our truck dispatchers set you up directly with the Shippers, Brokers, and factoring companies. We fill out all the necessary paperwork. You work directly with the best Shippers and Brokers and they pay you. Our  transportation dispatchers have all the load boards centralized into one singular load board , this includes internal load boards that are not accessible to the public besides the big load boards available so you have more options to choose from.

When you sign up with  you can rest assured that the professional truck dispatcher you are assigned to ,  knows the trucking industry well and will go to bat for you finding you the best deals on full truck loads and partial loads . This goes beyond simply watching the load boards for the best loads but skillfully negotiating those loads with the freight broker to get you the max out of them.

Why Choose Us?

We do not provide dispatching services by the dozen, we provide personalized dispatch service for each driver / customer we have,

Truck drivers salary or owner operators income is our main goal here because we get paid on a commission fee,, so it is profitable for us to make $20.000-$30.000 per month with your truck depending on your needs, trailer and how determined you are , if you are grossing monthly $15.000 with your current dispatch provider and you want to double your income per truck then do not wait any longer click our contact page and let’s start making money together!!

Professionally trained expert negotiating dispatchers will provide you with the best load or best partial loads( because we know if you want to do mainly partial loads with an open trailer that is where the big money is, $5.000-$9.000 per total partial loads), our dispatchers will always balance out the top paying load with the drivers needs, for example if the driver wants to come home every week we can make that happen without “but” of “if”, without our drivers to do the heavy lifting we would not have a job so we THANK YOU TRUCKERS for all your hard work.

We understand the needs of owner operators because most of our dispatchers were former drivers themselves, so we comprehend the frustration that comes with the job, our premium truck dispatch service is regularly inspected by a third party psychology service that makes sure our employees have the right mindset when communicating with the drivers , owners , brokers and shippers.

Our Services does not require a certain contractual period of time , we work based on honesty and trust , our services are the best and we know it.

Why Are you here ?


Well because you do not have a good dispatcher or you are just starting out and you are doing some research, so let me tell you this : YOUR SEARCH IS OVER, YOU HAVE ARRIVED TO YOUR DESTINATION = INCOME PER TRUCK AT LEAST $24.000 MONTHLY WITHOUT WORKING WEEKENDS!


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We have been working with owner operators since the beginning of their companies , from day 1 to this day they are still with us , because good service does not come cheap and nobody out there is going to work harder for you and your trucks then us!